Mandel - Wilson
Unexplored Nebulae Project
Discovering, cataloging and imaging unexplored nebula of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Mandel-Wilson Catalogue of Unexplored Nebulae.


Designation     Constellation(s)   RA  DEC      Type  Notes
MW 1 UMa/Cep/Cam 02h 37m   89d 17m   IFN
Nebula - Large complex centered on Polaris.
MW 2 UMa 10h 39m   73d 24m   IFN
Angel Nebula - Ethereal area around central dense area.
MW 3 UMa 09h 30m   70d 11m   IFN
Volcano Nebula - Contains M81-82 below dense "volcano".
MW 4 UMa 08h 35m   60d 09m   IFN
Animal Track Nebula - Faint, patchy area.
MW 5 Cml/Lynx 06h 18m   64d 28m   IFN
Fish Hook Nebula - Faint and diffuse.
MW 6 Cml 06h 19m   74d 49m   IFN
Bay Area Nebula - Faint and diffuse.
MW 7 Cep 02h 55m   81d 45m   IFN
Cow Nebula - Dense area.
MW 8 Lyra 18h 41m 40d 5m   HII
The Horns of Vega - very faint!
MW 9 Apus 17h 14m  -77d 32m   IFN
Spectacular field with dust and galaxies.

Check back for updates and additions, there is much more to come!  The Catalog is not yet downloadable.

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The Mandel-Wilson Catalogue of Unexplored Nebulae