Links to Other Astrophotography Sites

Please visit some of these other sites I enjoy:

CCD Images

Brad Erhorn/RC Optical - Brad makes great telescopes and has many excellent  images taken with RCs on his site.

Bill McLaughlin - World class imager with amazing images taken from the ARGO observatory.

Steve Lee - Steve is a friend in Coonabarabran and runs the AAT.  He is an accomplished amateur and the discover of Comet Lee.

Rob Gendler - Some of the finest CCD images ever taken.  Rob is acknowledged as one of the top imagers in the world.

Benoit Shillings - One of the pioneers, co-inventor of the SBIG Adaptive Optics device, great images, scopes, all NGC object images!

Ray Gralak -  A great friend and expert imager.  Check out his M33 shot done from his urban location.


Film Images

Chuck Vaughn - Great information and wonderful photos in both color (using tri-color) and black and white.

Jerry Lodriguss - A beautiful site with lots of great information and excellent photographs.

Yuuji Kitahara - Incredible Japanese astrophotographer.

George Greaney - Excellent site form one of the masters, lots of great shots and information.

Martin Germano - One of the great masters.  He has photographed thousands of objects on Tech Pan.  The site is a tremendous resource.

James Foster - Another site with great information and photos. James has some phenomenal images.