Nebula, Star Clusters, Planetary Nebula and Supernova Remnants

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The Pac Man Nebula
 Horsehead Nebula 
The Great Orion Nebula
Gamma Cygnus Region
IC 1805 - The Heart Nebula
The Rosette Nebula
Cygnus Region
Lagoon and Trifid Nebulas
M 45 - The Pleaides
M 27 - The Dumbbell Nebula 
M 13
The Crab Nebula - Supernova Remnant
California Nebula
The Veil Supernova Remnant
 M8-M20-NGC 6559
 NGC 40 - Planetary Nebula
 NGC 6960 - Pickering's Triangle - Veil Nebula