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List of Astronomy-Related Articles and Images Published
by Steve Mandel

Photo copyright Eric Butler, ©2003


Wide Field Imaging With a CCD Camera
Sky & Telescope Magazine
February, 2002
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CCD Imaging with Hydrogen-Alpha Filters
Sky & Telescope Magazine
January, 2003
A Star is Born
An article about my observatory and imaging by Susan Adams
Forbes Magazine
May 2002
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NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day:
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 The Veil Nebula
 September 28, 2001

Lunar Ray Craters
August 9, 2001

 S 147 - Supernova Remnant
 August 30, 2002

The Earth's Shadow
August 22, 2003

Stars, Gas and Dust
September 28, 2003

Cygnus Nebulosities
October  23, 2003

The Angel Nebula
September 29, 2005

Alpha Cam - A Runaway Star
November 24, 2006

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